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Legal Company Name:
Please make sure to indicate your Legal Company Name rather than your DBA. Ex. ABC Limos & Tours, Inc. rather than ABC Limo. 
Primary Contact:
Primary Contact should be someone in charge of making these types of decisions. 
Mailing Address:
Please provide a valid mailing address in case we need to send you something by snail mail. 
Phone Number(s):
If you have more than one phone number where you can be reached, please separate them with commas. 
Email Address:
A valid email address is required in order to process your information. It also allows us to eliminate duplicate requests from our database.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We do not sell, trade or lease your information. Nor do we use it for any other purpose. 
Company Website Address:
Although this field is not required, we prefer to have it on file as some Merchant Services Companies require this information. 
Monthly Visa & MC Volume:
To help us better estimate your savings, please provide us with as much information as you possibly can. We are not looking for an exact amount, but rather a round figure indicating your monthly volume. For example stating "Under $5,000" is sufficient. 
Average Transaction Amount:
This number will help us estimate your per transaction costs and will allow us to properly select a Merchant Services Company for you. Some companies have higher per transaction fees while offering lower discount rates and vice versa. Please see our FAQ section for more details on this subject. 
Ratio of Corporate Clients:
Please indicate the percentage (e.g. 70%) of total revenue generated by your corporate (e.g. business travelers, meeting planners, etc.) clients. We will use this information to identify the types of credit cards your customers use. Please see our FAQ section for more details on this subject. 
Reservation Software Used:
Please indicate whish reservation management software (e.g. Limo Anywhere) you are currently using or are considering using. 
Payment Gateway Used:
Payment Gateways are virtual credit card machines. If you use a website to process your credit card transactions, than it is probably a gateway. Please provide the name (e.g. Authorize.Net, PayFlow Pro, etc.) and/or website address for your gateway. 
Do You Swipe Any Cards?:
Do you actually swipe any of the credit cards or do you simply key them in through the credit card machine and/or payment gateway? This information will help us identify the type of software and equipment you may require. 
Referred By:
Please indicate how you found out about If you were referred by someone that works for or Limo Anywhere, please provide us with their name. 
How is this program different?

We created Limo Anywhere almost five years ago with the primary vision of taking the tools of the big guys in this industry, and putting them in your hands.

But that isnt all anymore.

Now, secondly, we also want to help you harness the power of your numbers.

Limo Anywhere clients now number over 1500. Weve been approaching insurance providers, credit card service companies, printers, auto parts companies and more, to negotiate on behalf of all 1500 of you, so you have the option to get better rates on these services.

Its working.

We have researched a number of companies and narrowed down our list to just a select few. Rest assured that after submitting your information to us, we will only forward it to one company most suitable to your needs. We will not sell or lease your information to anyone else and we will never use it for any other purpose.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please fell free to contact us at (888) 888-0302 or


Max Paltsev
President, Limo Anywhere, Inc.